Why a fake cake?

Many Reasons Why You’ll A FunCakes Cake

Congratulations! Your getting married and need a wedding cake, the glorious centerpiece of your reception, with all the pictures, the loving act of feeding each other.

Once you start shopping for your wedding cake, you’re likely to be shocked by the prices – it’s just cake – right? Why is cake so expensive?  Fear not, you’ve come to the right place!

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Beautiful Cake

We use all the same ingredients and techniques as a real cake , no one will be able to tell the difference. No one can tell if the cake is real or not – What’s not to love?

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Amazing Pictures

There’s no reason to blow your budget just to capture that special moment of you and your new spouse getting to “cut your cake” and feed each other lovingly, or smash it in one another’s faces!


Handled With Love

No need to worry about a cake tilting, sliding or tipping, only perfection! Cake will arrive in one piece, created and handled with love, ready to place on your reception table.

Real Or Fake – Who Will Know?™

Our beautiful cakes are covered in real fondant. We have a section in the back of the cake where real cake can go, hidden under the fondant. You’ll save a lot of money – plain & simple! All the beauty of a real cake, at a much lower cost.

After the moment of cutting your cake is captured, just wheel the cake to the back and serve inexpensive sheet cakes to your guests with no extra cost for cutting and plating the wedding cake. Also, there are no concerns with hot weather, our cakes are perfect for an outdoor wedding.

Shannon Stellmacher Photo Cake in front of a barrel

Photo courtesy of Shannon Stellmacher