Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I want a special design, can you make it?

    Definitely, send us your concept ideas, we’ll design it, ask for your approval and make it.

  • If I want a really oversize cake design, is it possible?

    Yes, send us your approximate dimensions, we’ll design it and ship it with installation instructions to the final destination. If you need our assistance for installation, it can also be arranged.

  • If I want to change the color or the trim, is it a new design?

    Yes, it is, it has to be made from scratch, just like a completely new design.

  • How many cake flavors do you have?

    Just one: Styrofoam! We do not provide any edible portion of the cake, you must provide your own. Three pieces of Twinkie®, fit perfectly.

  • Is the top later edible?

    No, the edible cake portion is placed in the hidden compartment in the back of the bottom layer.

  • Are your cakes kosher?

    Yes, they are kosher certified and rabbi approved!

  • How much time do I need before the wedding?

    Typically we like to have one month notice, but we have managed to supply with 2 days in emergencies. If the pre-designed cake is in stock we can send it out the next business day.

  • Is there a security deposit?

    The security deposit is $99.00 to $250.00 depending on the design. The security deposit already reflects in the price shown in the shop. This way you can decide if you would like to keep the cake as a memento of your special day.

  • If I want to keep my cake, may I keep it?

    Absolutely, just keep it & enjoy!

  • Is FunCakes available for bridal shows?

    Yes, we would be happy to be a guest at your bridal show, representing services provided by

  • Where can you ship?

    Basically anywhere. Outside of USA and Canada, we can only sell, due to customs regulations, renting is not an option, at least for now. Please contact us for more options.

  • How is the cake shipped?

    We ship all our cakes via FedEx ground, as they have proven to take the utmost care of our beautiful cakes. If you are on a tight time line and the cake requires Express 1, 2 ,or 3 day shipping to arrive by a certain date, you will have to pay for the upgrade in shipping. We offer FREE FedEx ground shipping.

  • How do I return my cake to you after the wedding?

    We ship all our cakes with FedEx as they have proven to be the soundest company in taking care of the cake, so we suggest you visit a FedEx/Kinko’s office for sending the cake back to us. We do not include a return label.

    Before returning the cake, make sure the edible section of the cake has been cleaned out and then just pack it back up in the same box it arrived in, be sure to wrap it well with saran wrap for safe transportation. The cake must be returned within 7 days of the party event in the same condition we shipped it to you in order to receive a full refund.

    Upon return of the cake, we will inspect it and make sure there is no damage, then we will refund the security deposit back to your credit card.

    Return Mailing Address:
    5510 33rd street SE,
    Grand Rapids, MI 49512

  • May we place a link to your web site?

    If you let us know ahead of time, and your site is cake/wedding/event etc. related, no problem.

  • Will you put a link to my web site?

    We can discuss it, please contact us.

If you could not find the answer you were looking for, please feel free to contact us with any questions/comments/concerns, you may have. We would love to hear from you.

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