Quinceanera, Moving and a New WebSite

I missed everyone, it’s wedding time and I have communicated with hundreds of you via e-mail but I haven’t sent out the news. So the news is we have moved. We had been in a beautiful spot for 8 years and the landlord came and asked ” how many years have you been here” well, I’m proud and say 8 years, like it is amazing, because it is !! Well….his answer was ” yep, I could double the rent and I am not renewing the lease”. As I stood there shocked he told me he was just being a good businessman. My thought was, what kind of a human being are you being, just as wedding season is beginning?? So 8 years of stuff, you know how you accumulate and think you will use it one day? So 33 days later, we are in a wonderful new spot. Everything is done, the pictures hung and back to doing what we love, making gorgeous cakes !!

Check out this gorgeous cake we made for a Quinceanera and shipped to Venice Italy for their cruise celebration, what a fun trip that is !! They will be adding a brooch to the top tier and the bling numbers 15 at the top…just perfect !! Everyone is loving these fluffy bottom tiers and I am sorry to say we have to charge extra for them. So I timed how long just the bottom tier took and it was 12 hours!! That doesn’t count the extra fondant. So I do apologize ahead of time but 12 hours is a lot ! 

Have you visited our web site, well yes you have because your are reading this. We have a brand new web site up and running. New shop and new web site starting the new wedding season 2017, awesome!!  It took a lot longer than planned but it is here. What do you think? Is it user friendly? Informative? Answers your questions? We would LOVE any feed back , positive or negative. 

Well, back to decorating cakes, it is June. Remember we have pre-designed cakes on the web site or we also make custom design cakes, like the one in the picture. Our pre-designed cakes are between $1.50 to $2.50 a slice and our custom designs are between $2.00 to $3.00 a slice, depending on the design. We look forward to working with you and making your wedding cake or party cake !! Enjoy the month of JUNE !!