Towering Dreams



($549 Cake Rental Price + $150 Deposit)

Towering Dreams is just that, a towering dream of fondant and elegance! All the tiers are covered in real fondant, in a natural white color, and then highlighted with medallions, jewels and draping pearls, all “white on white”. The top tier is swags of pearl, with the second tier a row of medallions across the middle with more pearl details. The third tier creates more detail swags of pearls and the bottom tier is a dream come true with a wonderful mixture of medallions and pearls. There are three spacers with this cake creating depth and illusions to the total design. This cake is a towering dream !

All our cakes have a section where real cake can be placed for the cutting ceremony. The section is a 4″ area on the bottom tier, in the back, hidden under the fondant. A large bow hides the area and let’s you know where to cut. Five minutes, three Twinkies® and a can of frosting is all you’ll need to create the edible section. Instructions are included with your cake.

You are welcome to add your own cake topper to any of our cakes. There is an extra piece of fondant on the top of each cake, just for this purpose. This cake carries a $150.00 security deposit. Price reflects the cost with the security deposit.

Even though your cake is fake, you want it to look like it will feed your wedding guests. If this cake were real, it would feed 280 guests. We are charging $1.98 a slice for this beautiful and perfect fake cake, with free shipping.

Each cake is made new or totally refreshed before shipping out. You wedding cake will be pristine and perfect upon arrival. This is the most important cake of your life! 

Tier Height: 6″  | Total Cake Height: 30″
Attached to a 16″ acrylic tray

6″ first tier | 8″ second tier | spacer
10″ third tier | spacer
14″ fourth tier | spacer

Cake Shape: Round