($675 Cake Rental Price + $200 Deposit)

A cake that looks like a mannequin? We have created that for you with this gorgeous dress cake all made with real fondant and includes a hand painted design, textured dress material plus a ton of sugar flowers added. Covered in a natural white color fondant and then decorated in shades of green and pink. This cake is perfect for a store display or a women’s fashion show, launch a new clothes line – just imagine! This cake does not have an edible section.  

This cake carries a $200.00 security deposit. Price reflects the added security deposit.

Even though your cake is fake, you want it to look like it will feed your wedding guests. If this cake were real, it would feed 300 guests. We are charging $2.25 a slice for this beautiful and perfect fake cake, with free shipping.

Each cake is made new or totally refreshed before shipping out. You wedding cake will be pristine and perfect upon arrival. This is the most important cake of your life! 

Cake Height: 38″

Cake Base: 16″