Lindsey Square Cake Stand


$164.00 with Cake Rental

($65 Cake Rental Price + $99 Deposit)

$174.00 without Cake Rental

($75 Cake Rental Price + $99 Deposit)

The Lindsey Cake stand is a custom design cake stand by FunCakes. Hand crafted from wood with a center area that has cut out random circles. This stand comes equipped with ECMC so that it lights up. The lights can be set with a series of 7 colors rotating or be set at one solid color. This stand is painted a nice cream color to match the fondant exactly and has four triangle feet elevate the stand.

All stands are available to rent with or without a cake purchase. The cost of $164.00 is for the stand rental when you are renting one of our gorgeous cakes. The cost of $174.00 is for renting the cake stand without one of our cakes.

There is a $99.00 security deposit for the safe return of our stands, which we will refund when the stand is returned back to us within 7 days of your event.

Please note: The cake stand price does NOT include the cake.

Stand Diameter: 16″

Stand Height: 6″

Stand Shape: Square