Happy Birthday



($449 Cake Rental Price + $200 Deposit)

Happy Birthday is one large cake and all Topsy Turvy shapes – what fun! It looks like it may fall over but no worries it is a very secure cake. Real fondant covers all the tiers, in a natural white color. The top tier speaks of the birthday age and can be changed to fit you party, just let us know. The next tier down is a corset design,with the third down a square decorated in an argyle design. Finally the bottom tier is decorated in black, purple and silver colors with stars and diamonds, perfect for either a man or a woman. This cake was made for The Boys & Girls Club of America.

This cake does not come with an edible section. You are welcome to add your own cake topper to any of our cakes. There is an extra piece of fondant on the top of each cake, just for this purpose. This cake carries a $200.00 security deposit. Price reflects the added security deposit.

Even though your cake is fake, you want it to look like it will feed your wedding guests. If this cake were real, it would feed 220 guests. We are charging $1.98 a slice for this beautiful and perfect fake cake, with free shipping.

Each cake is made new or totally refreshed before shipping out. You wedding cake will be pristine and perfect upon arrival. This is the most important cake of your life! 

Tier Height: 8″  | Total Cake Height: 34″
Attached to a 16″ acrylic tray

6″ first tier | 8″ second tier
10″ third tier | spacer | 14″ fourth tier

Cake Shape: Square