Fall is in the air . . .

Don’t you just love fall time?  It’s so romantic.  Cozy nights by the fire, the changing of the leaves…emmm just love that!  Fall weddings can be so beautiful.  Whether you like a bit of that rustic charm, darker colors, or simple and elegant, we have the right cake for you.  If we don’t, find us a photo from Pinterest or Google and we can mirror something you love.

This month, we have added new cakes to the site (Gold Polka Dots, Golden Frills, Tiffany Glam) and we are proud to show off our featured cake of the month (Rainbow of Love) as we were able to attend the beautiful ceremony that we custom created the cake for.

Tell us your thoughts and let us know what you would like to see.  We love new ideas.

Burlap 3 tier cake