Fake Cakes & Bridal Show’s

We were at our local Bridal Show last weekend and I have to say we were pretty scared with the quality of the cakes 🙁 Fake Cakes were displayed and they had used Dry Wall Mud or the equivalent to decorate the cakes. From a distance they looked great but on close examination they looked like dried out chalk, with corners chipped and the attention to detail, was just not there.  PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!

I know we are not the only fake cake shop in USA but I do know our cakes are gorgeous. We use real fondant to cover our cakes, so they look real. We also get the fondant smooth, with no ripples, bubbles or elephant skin. Our cakes have been used in The Hangover Movie, on Rachael Ray, Drop Dead Diva, The Good Wife, The Good Life, for photo shoots and MAC Cosmetics to decorate their stores.

We would have not gotten all this business if our cakes looked like dried out chalk, with chips and dents. We offer free shipping, so we are a one stop shop in that means. Our cakes range in price from $1.50 – $2.50 a slice, prices fluctuate due to the detail work and if handmade Sugar Flowers are involved. I don’t mean to bad mouth anyone, just please be careful!! This is the most important cake of your life and should be absolutely perfect!!

Bridal Show Booth