Edible Section??

Our cakes may be fake but you still need to be able to cut the cake and feed each other, getting all your pictures. All our cakes are covered in real fondant, so they look like the real thing!

Each cake has a section in the back, on the bottom tier, hidden under the fondant, where real cake can go. The cake will arrive with bow on the spot and instructions. Just lift up the fondant flap, remove the Styrofoam wedge and place your cake or three Twinkies® and a can frosting will fit perfectly. Lay the fondant back over the real cake and place your bow. You are all set!

After feeding each other, the cake then goes to the back and you serve sheet cakes to your guests, aren’t you the clever one and saving yourself hundreds of dollars!

The edible section of the cake, is marked at the back with a bow and there is an arrow pointing at it.

edible section 1

Gently lift the fondant flap of the edible section with a table knife.

edible section 2

Remove the Styrofoam wedge.

edible section 3

Insert three Twinkies® or a piece of cake.

edible section 4

Place the fondant flap down, over the cake, and re-pin the bow.

edible section 5

At the ceremony, cut right through the fondant into the cake filled edible section, and feed each other.