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Where to Rent Everything You Need for Your Wedding

March 24, 2018

Where to Rent Everything You Need for Your Wedding

Have you always wanted your dream wedding but are scared of the price tag that comes with it?
Did you know you can rent almost everything you need for a gorgeous wedding for a fraction of the cost?!
Yes, you read that right, renting is the new normal in the wedding industry.
At BridesMade we believe the bridesmaid only wears the dress once,
and that same idea goes formost things wedding!

Save yourself the headache of having to store everything after your wedding and having to pay an
arm and a leg to get you dream wedding. Just rent instead! Here is a selection of amazing rental
companies that you can rent from for your wedding!

Your Wedding Signage

Love words signs kitchener wedding

Photo from LoveWords Design

Arianna is the owner of this cute signage company, LoveWords Design, located in Kitchener,
Ontario. She makes an assortment of handmade signs. Whatever your are looking for, from
seating charts to chalkboard signs and welcome signs to small signs you will love what you find!
You can choose to rent or buy her signs making them the perfect way to avoid dealing with leftover signage!

Your Wedding Bouquet

The faux bouquet wedding flower rentals canada

Photo from The Faux Bouquet

The Faux Bouquets is a company taking the wedding industry by storm! And it’s no surprise since
they make high quality products for affordable prices. Not only do they create the most dazzling
wedding bouquets you’ve ever seen, but they also offer them for rent! Finally, an affordable
option for wedding bouquets. They make their faux bouquets from high quality silks that look so
similar to real florals that your guests won’t even notice. Choose The Faux Bouquets to bloom out your wedding here!

Your Wedding Decor

fresh look design kitchener waterloo wedding decor rentals canada

Photo from Fresh Look Design

Fresh Look Design, located in Kitchener, Ontario, is a Pinterest dream. They offer rentals
for wedding decor items that will make your wedding look absolutely stunning. Their products
range from rustic and shabby chic to modern and minimalistic. Some things they offer are
vintage couches, rustic harvest tables, trendy sequin linens and picturesque backdrops. You are
sure to find exactly what you are looking for with their wide selection of products and styles.
Most of their products are available for rentals, which can help cut down the costs of your wedding!

Your Wedding Cake

Cake rental canada fake cake

Photo from Fun Cakes

This is such a genius idea to save some money! Instead of ordering a real cake, you can just rent a
faux cake. The cakes from Fun Cakes look just like real cakes so you can get all the photos you
want! Once you are done taking photos you can then just serve a sheet cake to your guests. Fun
Cakes covers faux cakes in real fondant to make them look like real cakes,
meaning no one will even know the difference! Check them out here.

Your Wedding Setup

ABC rentals cambridge wedding rentals

Photo from ABC rentals

ABC rentals, located in Cambridge, Ontario, is your one stop shop for all things wedding. They
offer archways, dance floors, dinnerware, linens, chairs, tables and much more all for rent! They
have been in business since 1987, so you can be sure to get a quality experience and product.

These wedding vendors will make your wedding feel special and beautiful while keeping costs
down! Would you choose to rent for your wedding?

Interested in why renting is so great? Read our 5 reasons you should rent your bridesmaid dress here.

Happy Planning!