The Concept
Wedding cakes are the center of any wedding party. The newly wed
couples dream about their cake, however the cost of wedding
cakes can skyrocket, also the possibility of falling over during
transportation, heat and humidity for the outdoor weddings can be
a major concern.
We provide a service, where you can rent the beautifully designed
centerpiece wedding cake. The main cake is covered with real
fondant with the looks and feel of a real cake in every aspect,
however the inside is made of foam and there is small
compartment to place a small portion of
How Does It Work?
You can choose from many pre-designed cakes or you can design your own. You pay for the service and a
deposit for the cake. The whole package will be shipped to you prior to the wedding date in a specially
designed sturdy wooden box. You slide out the cake, place the edible portion during the wedding day and
have your fun. After the wedding day, you slide the cake back into its box, drop it off at any shipping store
(or ask for pickup) and that's it! As soon as we receive the box, we refund your deposit.
TLC Ultimate Guide to Fake Wedding Cakes tells it all.
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How Much Does it Cost?
We do not have an unlimited supply of every Pre-Designed cake, in order to insure we have a cake
available for your wedding date, the sooner you reserve that date the better.  You may email or call for

The price of the cake depends on you and how big (or tall) that you want it.

If  you order a cake
from my pre-designed(3 tier) the cost of rental is $150.00 plus actual shipping cost.
If  you order a cake from my pre-designed(4 tier) the cost of rental is $200.00 plus actual shipping cost.

You can also custom order your cake with your own design.
The basic three tiered cake rental is
$250.00 plus actual shipping cost.
Each additional tier has an added cost of $

All cakes require a $200.00 safety deposit for the return of the cake.
Once the cake has returned your $200.00 will be refunded.
(see the ordering page)

If you would like to purchase your cake it will be an additional $200.00 added on top of your security


The cakes are not baked,
nor do they require
Energy is only utilized
during the production of
the foam pieces.

The returned cakes are
cleaned and re-rented.  
When a cake is taken out
of the repertory, the foam
pieces are reused or
We Ship Worldwide...
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edible cake for the ceremony (design of the cake and the special
shipping container are Patent Pending). With this patent we are
the only company with the rights to a faux(fake) cake with and
edible section. After the couple's "feeding each other" act, the
display fake cake is taken back into the kitchen and the guests are
served regular sheet cakes from the local bakery or wholesale

$175  $150.00     (For a basic 3 Tier)  + shipping for pre - designed
$275     $250.00    (For a basic 3 Tier) + shipping for custom designed.
2 ways to join the FunCakes Rental Family:
1) Preferred Vendor - For wedding
Kiosk Rental - For store front
DIY Fondant covered
faux cakes for purchase
5 ft. or 7 ft. Party cakes.
Add excitement to any
Cake stands to spruce
up your centerpiece
Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Your wedding cake is the most important cake
of your life. You will be taking pictures that will last forever, you deserve the best looking cake in those pictures.
We bring cake rental to you for saving money and for the most beautiful looking wedding cakes, a win/win for
TLC Ultimate Guide to Fake Wedding Cakes tells it all. Click Here
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Exquisite real cakes for
Grand Rapids Michigan and
surrounding areas.
Latest Local Update: FunCakes Rental is
now offering, for a limited number of orders,
real cakes, as is your wedding cake, groom's
cake, birthday cake etc. We are also offering
cake pops and cookie favours for the Grand
Rapids, Michigan Area. For more details
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How Far do we ship? We would like to
welcome Bella Weddings from Perth,
Now  "Fakey Cakey"  is available down under.
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"The sumptuous perfection of wedding cakes,
lush flowers and an even more luscious bride
back in L.A." - (Boasts
L.A. Times).
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Photos are courtesy of Selina & Matthew Holder
Copyright of Kaemmerling Photography
A picture is worth thousand
words. In Racheal Ray Show,
the audience chose $250 rental
cake as the best looking cake
over a real cake made by a
famous cake decorator costing
Watch the ABC's
Good Morning America
clip !!!!
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